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Bayo's Subscription Boxes

What are they and how do I sign up?

Bayo's Subscription Box is a monthly, no contract subscription service whereby we learn a little about you and your furry pets and we'll get right to work sending you toys tailored exactly to you.

We use our in house expertise and care to create the most amazing package for the best monthly surprise.

Our standard package costs £20 per month and we will have a new box created to send and arrive to you before the 10th of every month.


We are now also offering Mini Range Surprise boxes for £10 a month with the same concept of our Standard boxes, except these are mini range toys only :)

This is the perfect option for those who want to be just as surprised as their little furries when the package arrives from Bayo's!

Subscribe by dropping me a message and someone will be in touch to get some information before we tailor your small furries. Please note: There is limited spaces monthly.

There are limited spaces monthly for the Subscription boxes, both Mini range and the standard boxes. Unfortunately these spaces fill up quick but please do keep an eye on my Facebook page for updates