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These beautiful frankenroll willow rolls are a hybrid between our willow rolls and our suspension bridges. They can be colour customised with the beads changing.

18cm pieces of willow with 1cm beads between. These are alone of the largest toys that we make. All sizes are approximate because willow is a natural product and varies - 25cm base and approximately 18cm wide and 19cm tall. It has two clips to hang from the side or the top of the cage.

They are suitable for rats, chinchilla and degu and smaller size of pets. :)

Size will vary due to the willow being a natural product.

Please note: this product is designed to hang from the top of the cage by the two larger clips.


All of our toys are vegetable dyed or have pet safe dyes and are safe for consumption however it is recommended to remove the toys when they have been thoroughly enjoyed and nibbled!


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